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Do I Have Hormone Imbalance Symptoms?

The primary sex hormones include:




Men and women have the same hormones but in different ratios.

Cortisol, a stress accelerating hormone, blocks the secretion of the body's main fertility hormone, Gonadotropic Releasing Hormone, which is responsible for releasing sex hormones.

While this is okay during periods of acute stress, chronic stress can result in lasting effects.

Both women and men may experience low libido and decreased fertility. It is clear this can be an issue if persistent.

Sex hormones control some of the most influential processes in the body including pregnancy, puberty, regulating monthly cycles, menopause, hair growth, skin complexion, muscle density, and fat storage.

These hormones can complement each other or function as opposites which is why it’s so important, they are present in the right ratio.

During chronic stress, your body may think it needs more cortisol. In order to make more, the body steals from your sex hormone system using progesterone to create cortisol. This can quickly become a difficult cycle.

Estrogen is needed in higher amounts for women. Its primary function is growth and development but affects nearly all body systems.

Estrogen deficiency can cause:

-Foggy Mind

-Hot Flashes


-Memory Lapses


-Vaginal Dryness

-Irregular Periods

-Urine Leakage

-Sleep Problems

-Bone Loss

-Stubborn Weight Gain

Excess estrogen can cause:

-Heavy Bleeding

-Breast Tenderness

-Increased premenstrual symptoms

-Fibrocystic Breasts

-Ovarian Cyst

-Abdominal weight

-Anxiety, Irritability

-Water Retention

-Increased Triglyceride Levels

Estrogen is one of the most important hormones for women in terms of health. Any imbalance, whether it be deficiency or excess, can cause a host of issues.

Testosterone is the predominant hormone in men, responsible for healthy muscle mass, stamina, energy, bone density, memory, and strength.

Too much testosterone can cause aggression, depression, impotence, and excessive libido. Deficiency, however, affects more than just sexual functional. Both women and men are faced with complications without an adequate supply of this hormone.

Testosterone deficiency is associated with:

-Decreased sex drive

-Increased depression and anxiety


-Inability to concentrate

-A decline in memory and cognitive skills

-Decreased muscle mass and strength

-Loss of body hair

-Decreased bone mass that may lead to osteoporosis

-An increase of abdominal and pectoral fat

-Sleep issues

Testing options and convenience have improved dramatically. Excellent testing is currently available that takes into account age and sex variables affecting hormone levels. I am proud to offer this cutting edge hormone testing here.

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