Dr Plank Hormone Testing

Dr Plank Hormone Testing

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  1. Get answers w/ Dr. Plank ($350 value)
  2. Adrenal testing ($259 value): 4 cortisol readings throughout the day
  3. Testosterone ($165.70 value)
  4. Progesterone ($112.60 value)
  5. Estradiol ($180.50 value)
  6. New Client Onboarding w/ online Patient Portal
  7. 30 minute Lab Report of Findings with Dr Plank
  8. Specific Supplement Recommendations to support your lab findings


The best way to test hormones is in saliva, blood levels can be irratic and inaccurate.  Hormones are communicators and decline with age.  As our lifespans increase balanced hormones play a greater role in strength, independence, bone health and of course desire and libido.


Hormones are the fountain of youth.  Optimal hormone levels are necessary for mood, bone health, stress management, strength, virility and enjoying life.  This testing is ideal for any one concerned about their hormones.  This hormone testing can be completed in the comfort of your own home.  No blood draw, no mask needed! 


Additional personal information will be needed to complete the lab requisition and our office staff will be in contact within three business days to have you complete our HIPAA compliant patient and symptom portal.  Your symptoms coupled with your hormonal lab results will allow Dr. Plank to develop your personalized plan which is included in this testing.  Results take on average 12 business days to complete through the outside lab.  Testing not available in NY, RI, NJ.


    Hormone testing is unavailable for return or refund after purchase.


    Hormone testing kit will be mail or a  lab requisition will be emailed after office staff has been in contact with you, within three to seven business days after purchase.  Please ensure accuracy of email submitted at time of purchase.

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