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Dr. Plank's Wellness & Weight Loss Lab Panel

Dr. Plank's Wellness & Weight Loss Lab Panel

This Bloodwork* Includes:

  1. 12-hour Fasting bloodwork
  2. Virtual Report of Findings with Dr. Plank
  3. 15+ Functional Wellness Report FWR (see pictures above+)
  4. Supplement & Lifestyle Recommendation Report


Must be completed fasting at a LabCorp Blood Draw Center Only

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*We will need your birthdate and address to complete this lab requisition.  Please allow 2 business days (orders M-Th) for us to get your information.  Lab requisition will be emailed or texted to you.  Your lab results and FWR will be emailed to you 15 minutes before your virtual report of findings with Dr. Plank, no exceptions.  We will contact you to schedule your lab review and lab report of findings after we receive your results and Dr. Plank has had time to review your labs.


The Dr. Plank Wellness & Weigh Loss Panel includes a collection of screenings commonly ordered during a yearly health check-up. This panel also includes hormones and other rarely-ordered bloodwork to give us a whole-body health snapshot.


+example pictures not reflective of all lab results

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