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84 the weight loss magic number

84, what's 84 have to do with weight loss? 84 is the ideal fasting glucose number. You can find it on your routine labs taken by your doctor, just make sure the labs were done fasting or it's not accurate.

For each point your fasting blood sugar is above 84 you have a 6% increased risk of becoming diabetic. for example, if your glucose level is 90 on your labs, 90-84=6. 6*6%=36% So, a 90 glucose has you at a 36% risk of developing diabetes. Not bad!

But, if your glucose level is 100. 100-84=16. 16*6%=96%, a whopping 96% chance of developing diabetes if you do nothing to change your eating and lifestyle habits. It's not guaranteed but you are on your way.

As you can see glucose gives us a quick check in and the information is readily available because most of us are getting the most basic of labs done. There are two other lab markers that are more informative about developing diabetes and those are Hb A1c and insulin.

Unfortunately, these markers are rarely if ever ordered. In fact insulin is shown to be predictive of diabetes up to 10 years in advance!

Your high fasting glucose indicates your body is taking in too much energy, more than you need in a day and more than you are burning at your current exercise level. Our body turns our food into glucose, glucose is energy for the cells but too much glucose in the blood indicates your storing more energy which means you are gaining weight. Glucose is stored as reserve energy in the form of fat.

But if your blood glucose level never falls your body is constantly converting your blood glucose into additional fat. That's why maintaining a fasting glucose level at or around 84 is ideal for weight loss and preventive for diabetes risk!

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