Weight Loss to Wellness Accelerator

Weight Loss to Wellness Accelerator

Losing your health and can't lose weight?

Have you tried everything?


Weight Gain Is A Symptom, We Find the Cause!


Are You:

Gassy & Bloated

Tired & Fatigued

Joints Hurt

Suspect Hormone Imbalances

Stressed & Anxious

Having Trouble Sleeping

Unable to Lose Weight

Tired of Meetings & Counting Calories and Points

Looking for Accountability

Wanting to Regain Your Health

Wanting a Health & Healing Partner


This 4 month program includes:

Peace of Mind Weight Loss ($1700 value)

+additional labs to reveal your body's nutritional, inflammatory, detox, stress, metabolic and hormonal imbalances that are holding you back ($ 900 value)

+personalized weight loss to wellness nutritional lab interpretation ($99 value)

+personalized weight loss to wellness nutritional lab report ($175 value)

+personalized weight loss to wellness supplement recommendations ($100)

+specialized inflammatory food testing to guide you to your best healthy and healing food choices (value $250)

+inflammatory food testing report of findings w/ Lifestyle Educator ($99)

+daily monitoring of your health biometrics ($ priceless)

+VIP accountability w/ Dr Plank ($ priceless)


Phase 1 

4 weeks focused on information and implementation

getting your labs completed

getting you set up on your in-home technology

getting you comfortable with anti-inflammatory eating

getting you comfortable with eating enough


Phase 2

8 weeks of getting results

keeping motivation

tracking your success

comfortable in your new skin


Phase 3

4 weeks to maintain success

stabilized, empowered and strong

sustained success

keeping it off!


Specific supplements necessary from lab results are not included.