Weight Loss Blood Draw Testing

Weight Loss Blood Draw Testing

The Broken Body Syndrome as Dr. Plank has recognized, is the cause why most people are frustrated trying to lose weight or suffering from chronic health issues.


Dr. Plank has identified six areas of concern that hold you back from losing eright and regsining your health.  They are:








Purchase "Get Answers w/ Dr. Plank" and this testing together for a very through understanding of all aspects of your hormones, metabolism and nutritional causes of weight gain.


You will receive a lab requisition to complete this testing at a LabCorp blood draw center.   You will also recieve a kit to collect a small blood spot sample for your food intolerance testing.  You complete and return the kit to the lab in a prepaid envelope.  We will contact you when your results are complete. 


These are areas that calorie counting, dietary changes and restriction won't fix.  Additionally, food intolerance testing is included.


If you've been struggling to lose weight or with chronic health issues this is the ideal set of labs to reveal the overlooked cause.  We must find the cause of your Broken Body to get you feeling better!