Weight Gain Is A Symptom ebook

Weight Gain Is A Symptom ebook

Weight gain is frustrating and trying to lose it even more so.


Dr Plank's 27 years of experience developing personalized wellness and weight loss plans for clients has lead her to uncover specific biologic markers and nutritional imbalances that are the cause of weight gain and the inability to lose those extra pounds.


"Weight Gain Is A Symptom" outlines Dr Plank's clinical experience and necessary laboratory blood work that must be completed for those continually dieting and still struggling with weight loss.


No stimulants.

No prepackaged foods.

Exercise isn't even mandatory (although ultimately recommended).

Weight loss begins soon after the cause is revealed.


Grab this ebook to better understand what's been holding you back and to understand Dr. Plank's plan for your success.

Stop your frustration today!


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