Purge the Pandemic Pounds Program: Prior Clients Only

Purge the Pandemic Pounds Program: Prior Clients Only



This is a special virtual weight loss program designed specifically for you, you've worked with me before and you know I have the scientific approach you need to lose the pandemic pounds you've gained.  The average American has gained 20# in the last year.


This program is not available to the general public!


What this 3 month program includes:

DIY ehealth testing, you complete a saliva sample kit sent directly to you and you mail it prepaid back to the lab.  Testing includes:

  • DHEA ($218 value)
  • Cortisol, four seperate readings throughout the day ($240 value)
  • Progesterone - age & sex specific readings ($100 value)
  • Testosterone - age & sex specific readings ($160 value)
  • Estradiol - age & sex specific readings ($180 value)
  • Report of findings, for your virtual lab review w/ Dr. Plank ($150 value)
  • Biometric scale to measure in home your: weight, % body fat, % muscle, % water ($100 value)
  • App for you to log your daily food and drink intake: calories, carbs, sugars, protein and dietary fat 
  • Daily monitoring of your biometric measurements and dietary intakes by Dr. Plank ($270 value)
  • 2x 10-day Dr. Plank Detoxes ($200 value)
  • ehealth virtual visits as necessary w/ Dr Plank to keep you focused and on track ($400 value)
  • 120 servings of Dr Plank's vanilla vegan Detox & Weight Loss formula protein shake ($270 value)
  • includes shipping & handling ($50 value)


Save 10% if you pay in full now or take advantage of our exclusive offer of 3 monthly payments of $299.

Spouse special: add your spouse, share your scale and they receive the same daily monitoring, additional $89. (testing and products extra)


Covid-19 Policy: We are unable to accept returns of any products once shipped, sale is final once shipped.

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