Pro Pregnenolone+

Pro Pregnenolone+

Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone. It is synthesized within the body from cholesterol. Its production is controlled by hormones from the pituitary gland.


Pregnenolone is biologically active and is a precursor of progesterone, cortisol, androgens (DHEA, testosterone and estrogen, causing it to be known as ‘the mother hormone.’


Pregnenolone affects synaptic functions, is neuroprotective, and enhances myelinization. Cholesterol is the precursor to pregnenolone. 


Pregnenolone “Steal”
Cholesterol is converted to pregnenolone, and pregnenolone is building block for many of the other hormones. When a person is under a great deal of stress, the endocrine system is activated by the HPA axis- hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis- to increase production of cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine).


The body manufactures cortisol in response to prolonged stress. Cortisol’s actions in this setting include those to promote a fight-or-flight response: increased heart rate and respiration rate; dilated pupils; sweating; inhibited digestion; suppressed immune activities. The body uses whatever building blocks it can to synthesize large amounts of cortisol. This includes diverting pregnenolone, a building block of steroid hormones, from its normal function to increased production of cortisol at the expense of other hormones.


Pregnenolone Uses
There are many potential uses of pregnenolone but testing is recommended prior to usage.  Pregnenolone may be beneficial for: PTSD, traumatic brain injury (shortly after the injury has occurred), allergies, insomnia (dosed in the morning), adrenal fatigue, focus, mental clarity, memory, social phobia, anxiety, depressed mood.



One chewable Pro Pregnenolone+ supplies 25mg of pregnenolone.  Recommended dosage of one per day makes this a four month supply.

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