Peace of Mind: Stress & Hormone Weight Loss

Peace of Mind: Stress & Hormone Weight Loss

Have you been frustrated by repeated attempts to lose weight?


You've cut calories, exercised, starved yourself and after hopping on the scale you can't believe it,  you only lost 5 or 6 pounds!


You're gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable.  Your doc is telling you to lose weight but doesn't give you a plan.


You can't possibly eat any less.

You suspect it's your hormones.  Actually...

You know it's your homrones, you just know it!


Thi 6 week program includes:

The Quick Start ($849 value)

+Adrenal Stress Hormone Testing ($280 value)

+Adrogen Hormone Testing (progresterone, testosterone and estradiol) ($458 value)

+ Lab Review w/ Dr. Plank ($170 value)

+Weekly check-Ins w/ Dr. Plank ($450 value)


Specific supplements necessary from lab results are not included.



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