Weight Loss Kick Starter

Weight Loss w/ Dr Susan Kick Starter:


Women with hidden hormone imbalances often can’t
lose weight as easily as they have in the past or they
now have immovable belly fat they never had before.
Stress causes hormone imbalance and 

inflammation, "abdominal puffiness," which is

caused by eating inflammatory foods.  The greater the

inflammation the greater the hormone imbalances. 

For women weight gain caused by chronic stress and eating

the wrong foods can't be exercised off.


Men with a hormone imbalance often notice that
body fat is taking the place of lean muscle.  DHEA,

the precursor to testosterone levels decline around age
40. For men higher inflammation and the more weight 

gained lowers DHEA, which can decrease testosterone



Great value!


  • DHEA  ($218.80 Value)
  • Cortisol, known as the belly fat hormone, we get four readings throughout the day ($244.80 Value)
  • Food Sensitivty Testing- 22 most commone foods ($250 Value)
  • New client Onboarding ($75 Value)
  • Hormonal Lab Review w/ Dr Susan ($170)



Services are available via telehealth/ telenutrion.  Services not available in NY, NJ or RI.  Due to covid-19, testing is non-refundable once kit is shipped.

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