Gas, Bloat, Constipation & Diarrhea Program

You're tired, gassy. bloated, constipated, taking antacids, drinking fiber and very very frustrated!


You've had enough!

Not sure what to eat?


When evaluating the digestive system we must evaulate:

  1. foods you are eating that may not agree with you
  2. your body's ability to digest your foods
  3. your body's ability to absorb the nutrients for energy from your food
  4. your body's ability to elimiate the waste efficiently
  5. your underlying digestive risk for infection and inflammation


This program includes:

  • Neuro-endocrine testing   ($220 Value)
  • Nutrient testing to check for deficiencies ($325 Value)
  • Food sensitivity testing  ($250 Value)
  • Stool analysis testing  ($397 Value)
  • Probiotic sufficiency testing  ($129 Value)
  • Parasitic infection testing  ($164.40 Value)
  • New client onboarding ($75)
  • Review of Labs w/ Dr Plank ($170 Value)


Take advantage of Dr Plank's professional discounts and Save over $500!




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