Food Sensitivity Testing: Food, Foundation of Wellness

Food Sensitivity Testing: Food, Foundation of Wellness

Food should be nourishing and healing but not if you eat the wrong foods!  Dr. Susan has identified that common foods are often the cause of stomach pain, hormone imbalance and an inability to lose weight.  If you are struggling with symptoms such as digestive upset, acid reflux, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety and hormone imbalance this is the right test for you. A simple finger stick and drop your sample card in the mail. 


Results are typically available in about 2 weeks and will be shared with you via a tele-nutrition appointment by our Lifestyle Educator.  Find out if foods are cross reacting with your body and what symptoms they may be causing.  This is a foundational test that's empowering for all wellness or weight loss goals!  


Foods tested in this panel:Gluten Whole Wheat Egg White Egg Yolk Cow’s Milk Turmeric Casein Candida Brewer’s Yeast Banana Beef Broccoli Coffee Corn Chicken Shrimp Peanut Tomato White Potato Almonds Pineapple Salmon and many more!

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