Dr. Plank's Transform Pro+ Labs

Dr. Plank's Transform Pro+ Labs

Are you frustrated?

Can find answers?

Not getting results?

Then it's time for a new approach.


The above listed labs will be completed at LabCorp and once we get your results we'll schedule your telehealth report of findings with Dr. Plank.


This is very thorough testing, we'll be looking for:

  1. Blood sugar
  2. Insulin Resistance
  3. HbA1c and diabetes risk
  4. kidney function
  5. liver enzymes
  6. fatty liver evaluation
  7. Upper digestive issues
  8. B12, folic acid, vitamin D and other deficiencies
  9. Iron deficiency
  10. hs-CRP for cardia inflammation risk
  11. In depth cholesterol evaluation and heart risk factors
  12. Complete thyroid evaluation
  13. Iodine
  14. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  15. Anemias
  16. Infection
  17. Parasitic infection evaluation
  18. Adrenal hormone evaluation
  19. Sex hormone evaluation


These labs are valued at over $4000.


You will also receive:

  1. your report of findings virtual appointment with Dr. Plank to thoroughly review these labs
  2. your wellness report outlinng all the above information (usually 11+ pages of information about your health)
  3. recommended list of supplements to restore deficiencies and imbalances
  4. 28 days of anti-inflammatory recipes and dietary supprt



Labs (value $4000)

Onboarding visit (value $200)

Patient Portal (value $35)

Report of Findings w/ Dr. Plank (value $150)

Nutritional Recommendations ($75 value)

Supplement Recommendation ($75 value)

28 Days of Dietary Support in your inbox ($125 value)


This testing is an ideal evaluation if:

  • you have a concerning personal or family history of heart disease, diabetes or stroke
  • you have long standing unresolved symptoms
  • you have over 30 pounds of weight to lose and/or have other health concerns
  • you are prediabetic, insulin resistant or suspect that you are
  • you have monthly symptoms related to your hormones
  • you are over the age of 45 with health concerns
  • you would like a plan to begin to feel your best


This testing is not available in all states.  Additional personal information is needed once purchased to complete the lab requisition.  Results usually take 11 to 21 days.  You will be contacted to schedule your report of findings once we receive your lab results.  You must be over 18 to purchase this testing.  Once the lab requisition is generated (usually within 24-72 hours of purchase) no refunds are possible.