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Adrenal & Testosterone Testing (Low T)

Suspect Low T?


Feeling tired and weak? 

No zest for life? 

Losing muscle, gym time not paying off? 


Every day stressors can deplete our adrenal hormones which are the precursors for our sex hormones.  The adrenal hormones; DHEA and cortisol, along with testosterone and other hormones can become depleted with age.  These are important hormones for men and women throughout life.  Maintaining optimal hormone levels is only possible by getting them tested.

  • Adrenal and Testosterone Testing

    DHEA, cortisol, free and total testosterone will be checked.  Once purchased our staff will be in touch within three to five business days to gather additional information needed to complete the lab requisition.  Please ensure your email address on checkout is accurate.

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