Adrenal Fatigue & Stress Hormone Testing

Adrenal Fatigue & Stress Hormone Testing

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In home testing Included:

DHEA testing ($129)

4 cortisol Readings ($360)

Onboarding w/ patient portal ($200)

Report of Findings w/ Dr. Plank ($150)


Adrenal hormone imbalances of cortisol and DHEA can cause fatigue, stress, sleeplessness and imbalances of other steroid sex hormones.  Testing cortisol and DHEA is an important part of understanding your body's relationship between handling of life's stresses and your hormone production. 


Telehealth lab review w/ Dr Plank to discuss your results included. ($100 Value)


Testing not availble in NY, NJ or RI.


    Laboratory testing is nonrefundable after purchase.


    Adrenal testing lab requisition including cortisol and DHEA will be emailed to your email address on account.  Additional personal information, such as birthday is needed to complete the lab requisition.  Please allow three to five business days after purchase to receive lab requisition.  Please verify accuracy of email address when order is submitted.

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