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Adrenal Group Coaching

Help us help you!

Hurry!  Discounted session scheduled for February 10th @ 5:30pm, therefore, special pricing ends early February.

Sign Up Now and receive free additional hormone lab(s) for the same low price!  Speak with Dr Susan soon and she will determine your free hormone lab(s) to be included.


Why are able to make this great offer?

We're offering a new service and need to get some feedback.  This special pricing is only available for the first 6 people that respond. 


If you are willing to be part of a group coaching call; get your DHEA and Cortisol checked; share your feedback; find out what supplements you should be considering to balance your adrenals this group testing and coaching is for you!


$99 Includes:

lab requisition for DHEA & Cortisol

one group coaching session by telephone

supplement recommendations to balance adrenals


as long as you give us your feedback and answer pertinent follow-up questions Dr Susan may have.

Does not include 1 on 1 coaching, tele-nutriton or consultation with Dr Susan.  

Does not include recommeded supplements.


Thanks for helping us develop new services and cost effective pricing!