8 Week Wellness & Weight Loss Program

8 Week Wellness & Weight Loss Program

Do you go to bed fatigued every single night, and somehow wake up even more exhausted?

Have you spent years tinkering with one diet after another, still searching for the one that actually works? 

Or maybe you’ve just felt “off” for so long that you’ve forgotten what “on” feels like--your brain’s clouded, and you don’t know where to turn.


These are signs that your body is crying out for help.  Low energy, fatigue and weight gain makes life a challenge. 


In this eight week program* I want more energy, less bloat and for your clothes to be looser as the weight falls easily.


8 Week Wellness & Weight Loss Includes:

1. Drop 5 Fast! program, Dr. Plank's Anti-Inflammatory Food Solution

2. Food Sensitivity Testing: most common foods ($250 value)

3. Two 10 day detoxes ($200)

4. New Client Evaluation w/ Dr Plank ($200)

5. Food Sensitivity Report of Finding w/ Life Style Educator ($35)

6. Weekly group coaching virtual visit w/ Dr Plank  ($160 value)

7. Bluetooth Smart Body Comp Scale and app ($100)

8. Daily virtual progress review and analysis by Dr Plank ($200)


Limited Time Bonus: All Shakes Are Included!

*Labs can be added to this program at additional cost.


This is a comprehensive all-inclusive program. 

**Not Included: Individual supplement needs, if desired or recommended by Dr. Plank.**


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