12 Week Weight Loss Program

Weight is a symptom, a very frustrating one.  Symptoms have causes.


This program takes all the guess work and frustration out of weight loss.


If you've tried every thing it's time to stop your frustration.


There are six potential causes of weight gain and the blood work incuded in this program will reveal the hormonal, adrenal, thyroid, inflammatory, nutritional or food related cause of your weight gain.


Until these areas are evaluated at one time your frustration will continue.


Give us 12 weeks to get the body you've wanted for 20 years!



1. Food Sensitivity Testing: most common foods ($250 value)

2. Weight Loss Labs ($1390 value)

3. Your Wellness & Weight Loss Nutritional Lab Analysis Report ($150)

4. Two 10 day detoxes ($200)

5. New Client Evaluation w/ Dr Plank ($200)

6. Nutritonal Report of Finding Visit w/ Dr Plank ($199)

7. Food Sensitivity Report of Finding w/ Life Style Educator ($20)

8. Weekly visits w/ Dr Plank if necessary ($850 value)

9. Body Comp Analysis ($350)


This is a comprehensive all-inclusive program. 

**Not Included: Individual supplement needs, determined from your weight loss blood work, can vary widely and are not included in this program.**





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